Version 1.6

released 2017-04-28

New features and enhancements:


New features and performance improvements in QDocs are the focus of this release.

QDocs: New Section Types

You can now use work item details, yUML diagrams, System Maps and subchapter lists in a chapter.

QDocs: UI Experience

We upgraded the docs editor, the performance of large lists and simplified the settings. Especially cool is the new "I'm in the Zone!" mode.

QDocs: External Datasources

List items can be imported from Excel or SQL Server. External lists cannot be modified in QDocs, but can be linked in the docs. Note that external lists need an field named "ID" so that they can be synced multiple times.

QDocs: ID Generator

Lists now support a simple ID generator to create IDs like "REQ-1", "REQ-2", etc.

QDocs: Compatibility

Older versions cannot open files saved with version 1.6.0.

System Map

Quality Spy setup now includes the stand-alone tool System Map. It supports a very lightweight approach to software specification. QDocs supports displaying System Maps, the external tool is required for editing.