Version 1.5

released 2016-12-02

New features and enhancements:

QDocs & QDocs Plugin

Quality Spy now ships with QDocs, a lean specification system which is a stand-alone tool, but also embeddable via a Quality Spy plugin.

It's really different to other requirements and specification tools. It's for those that want to write expressive documents, but also need atomic requirements that can be pioritized and progress-checked.

Specification Links

Specification files, not just QDocs, can be linked to your test project.

Quality Spy will remain a lean tool and thus will not provide "heavy" features like requirements tracing. It's not our philosophy. But switching to a requirements doc without having to use a separate tool can be very handy.

Test Run Plugin Tabs

It's now possible to add dynamic tabs to any test run. The cool thing is that this tabs are defined by plugins. We provide standard plugins for PDFs and QDocs. But there are endless possibilities for integrating other vital project systems, performance-monitors or anything you can think of. We are excited to hear what you are building with it!

To implement a plugin define a class that inherits from BasePlugin and overrides GetDynamicTestRunPluginTabTypes and place the DLL in the plugins folder.

Image Viewer / GIF-Player

You can now open any image attachement in a separate new window. If you embedd GIFs for repro steps, it acts as a video player. If GIFs contain multiple frames they are also shown with a "play" icon.

Send Protocol via Outlook

Executes a RTF-export and sends the protocol via Outlook (Outlook 2013 or newer is supported, older versions on own risk).

Text Attachements

Attach text files, especially longer log files. Quality Spy provides a specialized and optimized view that does not clutter the protocol entry text.

Improved TFS Plugin

The new plugin command "Add to TFS" adds the protocol file to the TFS pending changes. This is helpful, since by default TFS will ignore the .tpcl file extension.

Improved Behavior on Page Switch

The state of opened test runs, expanded checklists etc. is now preserved when the page is switched. It helps especially when the test plan needs to be changed during testing (exploratory testing).

Upgraded to .NET 4.6.1

The entire program now requires .NET 4.6.1. You can download it from Microsoft.