Does the trial version have limitations?

No, the trial version contains all features of the full version. It is only limited by the trial period. After the trial elapses, the program runs as the free lite edition.

I need a longer evaluation period than 30 days. What can I do?

Please contact qualityspy@bluescreen.technology. We can provide you an extended trial.

Which infrastructure is required?

No infrastructure (no database server, no web server etc.) is required as the program is file-based. Quality Spy is a Windows Desktop-App and requires .NET 4.6.1 or higher. Windows 7 or higher is recommended.

Windows SmartScreen "blocks" Quality Spy. What does that mean?

On Windows 8 or newer you might be prompted a warning by SmartScreen filter suggesting Qualiy Spy is "unsafe". The message indicates the specific setup file was not downloaded by a lot of users. That's true, we don't have tens of thousands of downloads so far. To proceed with the setup you must check "more info". The digital signature of publisher Andreas Kleffel is shown and you can continue installing.

Nonetheless it is a good practice to install the trial in a virtual machine. If you don't use one already, VirtualBox can be recommended.

As a side-effect you have learned what SmartScreen filter is - maybe it's important for your software, too.

Is Quality Spy multi-user capable?

Yes. Despite that Quality Spy is file-based, it works very well with multiple users when used in combination with a regular version control system (GIT, SVN, TFS, etc.). All files are XML-based and are well auto-merged in case of concurrent changes. In case of a conflict (e.g. two users changed the same checklist), the XML is well readable and can be edited manually.

Why are test protocols stored in separate files?

Test protocols typically contain many images that can sum up in size quickly. Storing the protocols in separate files ensures that Quality Spy can open projects very quickly. Only protocols that are opened need to be read from disk.

How do I develop a custom plugin?

Please contact qualityspy@bluescreen.technology. We provide you a simple C# test project that demonstrates how it works.

I want to rework my test plan. What should I take into account?

If you already have conducted plan-based tests, all results are shown in the structure of the current test plan (not in the structure of the plan when the test was executed). So it might be useful to archive the current test project before reworking it. To do so, copy the files to a new folder or better use an operation of your version control system that preserves history.